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    Kat Reichert

    I got sickWith a viral infection in my lungs had two ear infections in the right ear was bleeding I went to Shoshone ER March 14, 2020 then I went to Kootenai and Idaho urgent careA month and a half later it is now May 28, 2020 and I have been looking for work for two weeks now I was on two different anabiotic’s they were numbing the pain in my ear was airdropped I lost my home Where I was living in Kingston I got evicted because he said he was going to sell it I have been living living in a motel a budget saver on Sherman , It takes my full Social Security to stay here and that’s $1205 I receive I have to borrow money from strangers because I have no job no food no gas no laundry money I have no help Unemployment has not got a hold of me they denied me and I had the virus I will be homeless I am negative in my account I have no one to borrow money from I have no family my children tell me it’s my own problem My son is 31 years old he said it’s my problem and he won’t help me my daughters 29 years old she never calls me and wants nothing to do with me and she won’t help me I have nowhere to go it takes 225 a week to stay here I’ve stayed here seven weeks and I paid $1686 and I only bring home 1205 had to borrow money to go get my medicine at Paul money for food gas insurance and now David RockstromMy friend that I’ve known for 4 1/2 years told me he will not help me no more he will not give me no more money stay my Toyota or go to a shelter I haven’t heard from him in two weeks I have no food in my refrigerator for a week I had to pawn my TV for $60

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